Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sven's Personal Mailbag

From the mailbag…

“Hey Sven,

What have you been up to lately?”

Well, let’s see…

-School let out at the beginning of June so I have been spending most of my days goofing around with the kids.

- FrankenKristin and I caught some fish.

- My nephew Taylor graduated from high school. A week later he turned 18.

- My grandmother returned from AZ and finally made her way back to the cabin. She found a new friend in Samantha.

- Emma finally scored a goal in soccer. She scored another a few games later.

- FrankenKristin went to South Carolina to watch her nephew graduate from boot camp. Last time she went away with her sister she came back with a tattoo. This time she returned unscathed.

- My middle sister seems to be holding up fairly well after two rounds of chemo. The same cannot be said for her hair.

- I painted the garage.

- The kids were in the local parade.

- My aunt had brain surgery. Unlike FrankenKristin, her’s was to remove a tumor. Like FrankenKristin she will be leave with a titanium plate in her head.

- Luke had finally learned how to blow bubbles.

- We said goodbye to my oldest sister and her kids yesterday. They are moving to Sitka, AK. to join her husband who just finished the Alaska Law Enforcement Training Academy. According to Mapquest, Sitka is 2576.29 miles from St. Paul. Or 66 hours, 14 minutes by car. I don’t think they will be asking my folks to babysit any time soon.

- I haven’t been on the computer much. The weather is too nice.


Sophia said...

Great way to keep people updated. I love the photos.

Attila The Mom said...

Fabulous pics!

That was a lotta fish! Who got the honors to [ack!] gut them? LOL

Sven said...

My friend Jordan, the medical resident, did the honors. He's handy with a scalpel.

Superstar said...

Wow! AZ in summer is horrible! Grandma is WISE to go to a cabin and get away~

Are you a teacher?

Did you see my new Pink Electric Guitar?? *giggles* I am so friggin excited I could scream! 3 more payments and it's mine!!!!

Sven said...


I'm not smart enough to be a teacher.

The guitar is great. Let me know when you finally get it. I'd love to hear how it sounds.