Friday, August 10, 2007

Question Of The Day

Why is it that MN Twins center fielder Torii Hunter only hits home runs when the team has a huge lead? Rarely, if ever do his homers factor in the final score.

Can you say "Over-rated?"


gitsul said...

but he's got
79 rbi's, 2nd on the team, 10 fewer than morneau
65 runs, 2nd on the team, 2 fewer than morneau
121 hits, most on the team, 1 more than morneau
224 total bases, 2nd on the team, 8 behind morneau
11 stolen bases, 2nd on the team, 10 more than morenau
he does have 74 strike outs in 412 at bats though, probably because he's swinging for the bleachers
I guess before I'd call him overrated, I'd want to review one stat not on the stats page...I want to know how much he contributes for the dollar he's paid compared to the other players...Is he worth the $?

Sven said...
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Sven said...


Fair enough.

But how many of those hits, bases, runs etc. factor decisively in a game? How many of those 79 rbi's are the result of a 2 or 3-run homer when the team is already up by a handful? There is no question that he's a difference maker in the field, but they said that about Mientkiewicz too. The problem is everytime he hits a homer Dan and John act like he's Babe Ruth. Sure he's got good number but when the games is on the line I'm not sure he's the guy I want at the plate.

gitsul said...

I wouldn't put him in Babe Ruth's class. Babe was able to do all he did and live a fast, un-healthy lifestyle at the same time...I wish the MLB would let Pete Rose back in. He had flair.