Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Is For Allen, B Is For Boob

While checking out Craigslist today I ran across this ad in the barter section:

"I would like to barter with someone for items I need that I can't afford to buy at the moment due to circumstances. (My husband tripped over his mid-life crisis and landed in a pair of boobs that weren't mine). I have advertising space on my popular website, We Think Cheaters Suck to trade for needed items."
Assuming her story is true, it seems that this 34 year old mother of one has found herself alone, after 12 years of marriage. It turns out that while she was hard at work managing her brain-injured son’s daily routine, taking him to a gazillion doctors and specialists, arranging his therapies, etc., her husband had been sleeping with the silicone-festooned Staci with an “i”. Having spent the last several years as a stay-at-home parent with no means of financial support, she is now looking for ways to pay for the basic necessities of life. In addition to selling ad space she also accepts donations via Paypal and will soon be selling the remnants of her now defunct marriage, including her former husband’s remaining belongings.

You’ve gotta love her entrepreneurial spirit.

On a side note, I was looking over the list of those who have declared that cheaters suck by donating to her cause when I noticed that the first entry was from someone trying to “hook-up”. Unbelievable.

Either way, take a look. If she's legit she could probably use the support.



Misha has more on the world of cheaters here.


Misha said...

This is great.

I posted something on cheating yesterday, and linked to this site with props to you. :)

Nikki said...

"landed in a pair of boobs that weren't mine"

gotta love her humor.

Sven said...

Nikki: I thought that was pretty funny as well. The whole undies thing made me think of FrankenGirl.

Big Ear Creations said...

Wow... props to you for having Strange Brew as a favorite movie. Take off you hoser

frankengirl said...

Great post, Sven!

B is for Boobs, hehe! Yes, her humor and her "entrepreneurial spirit" are to be admired - ;)

Anonymous said...

"S" is for "Sven", a "Super" guy ! Thanks for blogging about my site. I appreciate the support.


Anonymous said...

I'd like this woman to prove she's for real and not a fake just trying to pull at our heart strings. If she's for real, she has all my sympathies.

Sven said...

Anonymous: Talk to her about that, not me. I gave a caveat and a link to her site. Decide for yourself.