Wednesday, October 04, 2006

B as in B*ll, S as in Sh*t

I need to get this off my chest too.

Former Rep. Mark Foley is a sick man. However, exactly what sickens him is apparently up for debate. It seems that the former congressman believes the best way to address his potentially criminal sexual behavior is to enter drug and alcohol treatment.

This is what we call b*llsh*t! Don't try to hide you obviously inappropriate sexual behavior behind the veil of a more socially acceptable drug and alcohol problem. WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID!

Thanks to local columnist Ruben Rosario for setting the record straight. His article today should be required reading.


Apparently it is not enough to blame this scandal alcohol. The talking heads and politcal apologists have amassed quite an impressive list of diversionary targets. So far they have blamed the scandal on:

- Alcohol
- Bill Clinton
- Democrats in Congress
- The Catholic Church
- The Media
- George Soros
- The entire congressional page program
- And the victim himself

Perhaps the party of presonal responsibility should consider practicing what they preach.


OneEar said...

You're in kind of a pissy mood yesterday.

Rhonda said...

I am so glad you wrote this.

The lack of accountability in the aftermath of this scandal makes me ill.

kim said...

It's ridiculous and pathetic.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The old The-Devil-Made-Me-Do-It defense again.

I'm not buying it either.

Alcohol can only make someone commit behaviors that are IN them. It cannot turn someone into a pedophile.

Kevin Charnas said...

BRAVO! BRAVO!!! So true, Sven. and great link, thanks...

You know, you really do give great link. ;)