Monday, October 30, 2006

Fill It To The Rim With Brim

In addition to my job with the school district I work part time as a server for a catering company. It is a fairly high end company focusing on weddings, corporate events and private parties. We also specialize in Kosher food. I am the guy in the white shirt and bowtie pouring your wine and clearing your plates.

Over the weekend we worked a fairly small wedding (only about 200 guests) at the Wiseman Art Museum on the University of Minnesota Campus. The meal consisted of a buffet of chicken stroganoff, beef tenderloin, boiled potatoes, roasted vegetables and three different salads. For dessert we offered a choice of pumpkin pie or apple cake. For some reason I was stuck with the table full of college friends. You know, the people who don’t know anyone other than themselves and spend most of the time drinking and amusing each other.

I sat at that table many times.

After dessert, as I was pouring coffee, I approached my table full of revelers, many of whom had made more than their share of visits to the open bar. I asked one young guy (he couldn’t have been more than 22) if he wanted coffee.

“Just half-a-cup”, he replied.

“Only half-a-cup, don’t you like my coffee?” I asked, proud of my obscure pop culture reference.

Apparently it was a bit more obscure than I thought. This guy looked at me for nearly 30 seconds, with the blankest of stares before responding, “I..uh…it’s just that’t want that much…” He may have actually thought I was offended.

Am I the only one who remembers Brim coffee?


Meg said...

I have no idea what that is.
Your link is bad, by the way.

Sven said...

Link is fixed.

Christina_the_wench said...

I remember Brim. Good stuff.

OneEar said...

Sven, regarding obsolescence, "you're soaking in it right now. Relax - it's gentle."

Sven said...


We never bought Palmolive and my hands suffered because of it. Which begs the question, why the hell would anyone pay all that money for a manicure when you could simply by a bottle of detergent?

Anonymous said...

I loved that commercial! My family is the biggest coffee freaks I know! My Dad actually said that to my Mom one time and it was so funny to watch her just flip out about how her coffee wasn't ok...Funny that she didn't see the commercial and she took him serious..not that we made the woman cry.

OK...So do you serve from the right and clear from the left! *wink*
Love the white :catering: shirts and black pants...COMFY shoes is the only GOD send at those things!

Sophia said...

I remember that commercial well. Now I feel my age.

Sven said...


The whole which-side-do-you-serve-from thing usually gets thrown out the window at these types of weddings because most of these slobs don't even know which glasses or silverware to use.

Nikki said...

I remember this commercial very well. I used to say it all the time as a kid when my mom would fill her coffee cup.

She made me change it to "Fill it to the rim with Folgers"

It lost it's ring after that, so I stopped LOL

mollymcmommy said...

i don't know brim....maybe it wasn't in canada? on a U.S thing?!


cocoa_no_gogo said...

Ancient Chinese secret?

Tarrant said...

Thanks for the link. I think we are not the only two who remember it. I get it as a search word all the time on my blog.