Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An Open Letter To Michele Bachmann

Dear Ms. Bachmann-

Congratulations on your victory. If one thing is for certain, it’s that you have figured out how to run a winning political campaign. Yesterday, you were successful in defeating, Patty Wetterling. I can only hope that she is able to recover from the hateful things that were said about her on your behalf - and continue her excellent work in the field of child safety.

I should be upfront and tell you that I would not be considered one of your biggest fans. In fact, I have found myself in opposition to nearly everything you have stood for publicly. Except for one thing, we both believe in God. Which brings me to my concern.

I, along with many others, had a chance to view your remarks at the Living Word Christian Center last month. I took note when you exclaimed that God called you to run for the United States Congress. This of course is in not uncommon, history is filled with stories of good and decent people listening to and answering the call to serve God and creation. I was a bit taken aback though when you stated that, “God has focused like a laser beam, in his reasoning, on (your) race.”

With all that God has going on right now, I was surprised to hear that He had chosen to accompany you on the campaign trail. Especially given the large number of powerful people who have already lent their support your way including Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, President Bush and Laura Bush. But He is omnipotent and all knowing so perhaps He could tell you needed a little extra push.

That is why I was so surprised last night when I listened to your victory speech on the radio. You’re opening comment about approving this message was clever and showed a sense of irony that usually seems lost on you. You went on to thank a number of people including your husband, children, campaign staff, volunteers and donors. I couldn’t help noticing that, absent from that list, was God Himself.

Please tell me this was an oversight. I would hate to think that, after all God had done for you, after all He must have given up in order to focus like a laser beam on your race, that you would be so callous as to toss Him aside now that your mission had been accomplished. I can understand why you might not have invited Him to you victory party. After all, He’s God, you wouldn’t want Him stealing the spotlight. But would it have hurt you to at least offer a word or two of acknowledgement. It just seems disrespectful given that you practically wore Him around your neck like a shawl during the campaign. Fortunately for you, God is forgiving (at least the God I believe in is), but I wouldn’t blame Him if He didn’t speak to you for a while.

Either way, you might want to think about looking Him up in the next few days. I’m pretty sure He’ll listen.

One more thing, when you get to Congress, please don’t waste your entire two years trying to mess with the Constitution, it’s a pretty sacred document. And keep your guard up, I heard they let gays and Muslims in now.




Anonymous said...

~Sends bottle of valuim~
Sorry the votes didn't go your way...AZ got stuck too! *sniff*
no more smoking in bars!
Can you beleive that? OMG...

OneEar said...

The people have spoken. Sit down, strap on and get ready for the ride.

Sven said...

The election may be over but the people are still speaking.

Kevin Charnas said...

you go, Sven! sing it, baby.