Monday, November 27, 2006

Our Fine Four Fendered Friend

I watched this movie with the kids over the weekend and now I can't get the damn theme song out of my head. It didn't help to have my kids singing it over and over and over on a two-and-a-half hour car ride.



Meg said...

You mean they're not saying, "Fine-ful fendered friend?" I did not know that. Thanks for getting the song stuck in my head, Sven. Geez. At least I'm singing the right words now. Fine-ful? Where did I get that from? It's not even a word!

Anonymous said...

Oh like the time I heard.."we all live in a yellow submarine. Yellow submaarine..."
"Mandy" by Barry Manillow??? LOL ;o)

Arn't you glad you asked?

Sophia said...

Did you recognize Benny Hill?

Sven said...

I recognized him straight away. I was disappointed that he did pat Lionel Jeffries on the head.

OneEar said...

The Sherman brothers also wrote the horrific theme song for "Its a Small World." If you've ever been on the Disney World ride, you're probably digging at your ears with paperclips right now.

Kevin Charnas said...

Try singing the Brady Bunch theme - guaranteed to get any song out of your head.
Let's all try it now;
"Here's a story, of a lovely lady and she made out with every boy on the show, except she didn't,
make out with her husband,

did it help?

Anonymous said...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? I'm a "Mary Poppins" man myself.

Maybe that'll help. You now have "Spoonful of Sugar" in your head.

Attila The Mom said...

Oh boy, now I've got "Truly Scrumptious" playing in my head as sung by Tweety Bird....

Twoooly Scwumptuwous, you're twooooly twooooly Scwumptuwous!!

Sven said...

Meg: The DVD I had comes with a sing along version complete with subtitles for all the songs.

Superstar: Uhmmmm...not anymore.

Oneear: I am now.

Kevin: Whether it did or not that's a great rendition.

Dorky Dad: Spoonful of Sugar is not much better.

Atilla: That's almost as good as Elmer Fudd's version of Springsteen's "Fire".

I'm dwivin' in my cow, tuwrn on the wadio...