Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Sunday Trumpet

Sorry. I'm a few days late in getting this up but it has been damn cold in my house for the last week. The inside temp as hovered between 52° - 59° most of the week. On Saturday we managed to get it up to a balmy 62°. Fortunately we have been having a minor heat wave with daytime highs in the 30°s. Monday my dad got the furnace going again and now the kids are complaining that 68° is too hot. Go figure.

Nonetheless it is time for the Sunday Trumpet, our weekly contribution from the Spradic Gasbag Roundtable. This week Atilla The Mom takes a stab in the fog at The Ghost Wisperererer. Read her review to find out just what is wrong with mainstream American TV and just what is right about Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts.


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OneEar said...

I've had the LP run out not once but twice on two of the coldest nights known to man. It is very disheartening. I purchased a hearty electric heater so that we could all sleep in one room, and I convinced the kids that this constitutes "camping," and that it is necessary to see one's breath in order to send smoke signals.