Friday, May 18, 2007

Uff Da! (Corrected Spelling*)

Last night we catered a Syttende Mai party at the home of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The party consisted mostly of old, silver-haired white people. There were a few token brunettes and one young woman who looked ambiguously ethnic but for the most part you knew darn well you were in financially secure confines of the Western Suburbs.

While it’s a long-running joke in Minnesota that Scandinavian Food is hopelessly bland, that myth is not entirely accurate. Few things in the world are more flavorful, or more pungent, than that Nordic favorite, Pickled Herring. One wiff is sure to make the eyes water, a small bite can send the mouth into spasmodic puckering the likes of which only Jim Carey could imitate. It may not be good flavor but it is flavor nonetheless.

Needless to say Herring was in abundance last night, and was one of the more popular items on the menu along with Smoked Salmon, Pasties and several blocks of cheese the size of small boulders. These may not have been the most refined palates in the world but they loved their fish, and ate it with abandon.

The essence and bouquet of Pickled Herring aside, many of the party guest found the Seared Tuna to their liking, until their taste buds registered the accompanying Wasabi Paste. That's when the sirens went off.

"Uff Da!"

"Oh geez, dat has a little bite to it, den!"

"Lena, get me some water, der!"

Fortunately the guest were able to neutralize the sensation with Boiled Potatoes and Deviled Eggs.

* FrankenKristin, who excels at revealing my numerous flaws, alerted me to the correct spelling of Uff Da. Damn Danes!!! After all these years they are still trying to control us Norwegians.


OneEar said...

What, no lutefisk and lefse?

I've always had trouble eating lutefisk, limberger cheese, or anything else with that flavor of "rotten."

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, I haven't heard uf-dah in years!! Love it.

Hate the herring, though.

Rhonda said...

If you were spared lutefisk, you were truly blessed.

I laughed all through this, having grown up in a Norwegian family. It's been a long while since I've heard Uf Dah, but I haven't missed the traditional foods one bit.

Attila The Mom said...

arrrgghghhh!! My eyes are watering just reading this!

Kevin Charnas said...

the word "pungent" always makes the room go a little dark and slightly spin for me.