Monday, September 24, 2007

Lucky In Love

Today is Sven and FrankenKristin’s 13th wedding anniversary. I know, 13 is supposed to be an unlucky number but given everything we’ve been through the last two years it seems that our luck has got to improve sometime. Besides, FrankenKristin was born on the 13th so if she was doomed I would have known a long time ago. I think.

In thinking about what to get her as a gift I found that the traditional gift for a 13th anniversary is lace. Sure, I get her a Teddy, stocking or some other fancy lingerie but what difference would that make? It all looks the same lying on the floor next to the bed. And frankly, a table cloth or handkerchief is just not that romantic.

The modern alternative is fur. Right. Like she would wear fur. I suppose I could have saved all of the hair they cut off before her brain surgery and made a nice muffler or stole but I guess I wasn’t thinking that far ahead. And no matter how much she and the kids beg we’re not getting another animal,.

Flowers are out. hollyhocks, the traditional 13th-year flower are out of season and roses are just to…predictable.

I also checked a few websites advertising “creative” and “unique” ideas for showing your wife how much you love her. I’m sorry but making her dinner, helping the kids with their homework, washing her car and telling her that I love her, is neither creative nor unique. They are the things one should be doing anyway. You can’t take credit for stuff you should be doing anyway.

I also thought about re-posting last year’s anniversary message or my Valentine’s Day post from a couple of years ago but frankly, that’s just lazy.

So here I am, 13 years married, two beautiful kids, a wonderful home and job, and great in-laws. I have just about everything I guy could ask for (well there is one more thing, but that can wait until the kids go to bed) and yet I can’t think of a “creative” or “unique” way of saying it. And yet I couldn’t be happier. Maybe that’s why too many couples get divorced. They grow disillusioned and fail to see beauty when things become ordinary.

Happy Anniversary, FrankenKristin. I love you. What time are we putting the kids to bed?


ADW said...

What do YOU want for your anni?

Sophia said...

Congratulations, Sven and FrankenKristin!

It's refreshing to see an example of a truly successful marriage. As for divorce, I know couples who simply remain unhappy in their marriages - some of them for over 50 years! They just grin and bear it I guess. You and FrankenKristin obviously communicate well with each other if you can make each other so happy. And odes like these don't hurt either.

Attila The Mom said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!

mabel said...

Happy Anniversary- What a great couple, you give us all something to shoot for.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys.

I think you've nailed the reason so many people are serial monogamists. They believe that when the initial excitement dies down, as it must if it is to be replaced by a deeper comforting familiarity, the love is gone. And they look for a new person with whom to capture the excitement of newness.

I hope those kids went to bed early.