Sunday, January 22, 2006

A House Divided

Kristin and I have been long suffering Vikings fans for years (although I have suffered longer that she). Nonetheless, we have once again been forced to choose replacement teams for which to root. Kristin has had a strange infatuation with Bill Cower and particularly enjoys when he expectorates while berating players, officials and anyone else who meets his wrath. His "enthusiasm" was later parodied when he appeared spitting and screaming at cheerleaders in a Dr. Pepper ad. Thus she identifies the Pittsburgh Steelers as her default team of choice. I however have always had a soft spot for perennial losers. Since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already won a Super Bowl, I have been forced to throw my allegiance toward the Seattle Seahawks.

For the next two weeks our house will be filled with the sort of drama and tension only those who choose to devote(waste?) time on football can truly understand.

Go Hawks!

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Cherie said...

Although I am NOT a Steelers fan (I've actually come to dislike them rather intensely)I believe that they will continue their history-making trek with a Super Bowl win. Nonetheless, I am going to side with you Michael & concentrate my well wishes on my former nemesis - Mike Holmgren & his Seattle Seahawks.