Saturday, January 28, 2006

The problem with public education

In recent years it has become trendy to attack public education. Most critics follow a similar pattern; find the most egregious example of misdeed, present it as standard operation procedure in public education, then make the ridiculous suggestion that private schools will provide salvation. Recently I got into a spirited debate with a know-it-all for North Dakota about the "promise" of private school vouchers. As is often the case, he was heavy on rhetoric but light on fact.

Those of us who actually have experience in public education understand that while private schools serve a very important purpose they are no replacement for a fully funded public education system. Now, thanks to researchers at The University of Illinois, we have the statistics to prove that public schools are not only as good but in most cases superior to private schools.

"Right now the studies seem to show that charter schools do no better, and private schools do worse."

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