Monday, January 08, 2007

Hot Enough For You?

Usually, the kids and I like to make a snowman in the front yard every winter. So far, this is the best we've been able to come up with this year. He might have been bigger if it weren't for the selfish snow-hogs in Colorado.

Thanks to Al Gore, Minnesota has had one of the warmest and dryest winters on record. And it's not just us, temps in NYC reached a record 72° over the weekend. In fact, until the last 24 hours, the only thing even close to cold winter weather we have had this season was during the week in December when our furnace went out.

Maybe my parents were right, by leaving the door open too long I am heating the whole neighborhood.


mollymcmommy said...

we've had no snow either. our local paper showed a dad making a snowman with his kids from the snow he brought home from the ice rink.



Nikki said...

LOL - I say the same thing to my daughter.

In reserve, I also have

"Were you born in a barn? NO? Then why is the door open?"


"Are you expecting someone? NO? Then close the door."

LOL. I've become my mother.

Sven said...

"We're you born in a barn?" is one of my favorites. Although when someone says that to me I usually respond with, "No, a manger."

Sophia said...

I hear ya. Even the Alps have very little snow. The skiiers are not happy.

OneEar said...

You've got to look on the bright side.

It is great family fun to go watch an ice fisherman's vehicle being winched out of the lake.

Attila The Mom said...

Hey, I'm sorry we're such hogs! You can have the snow back, I promise!

St Jude said...

You think you've got it bad... all we've got at the moment is wind ;0} and no that's not too much cabbage or beans.

Kevin Charnas said...

damn that Al Gore and his evil ways!