Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Wonderful Memories For Your Children"

In my earlier post regarding our backyard ice rink heartsinsanfrancisco was kind enough to leave this comment:

When I lived on Christmas Lake, Excelsior, MN, my kids used to go out on the ice with snow shovels and brooms to make a skating rink. It's great that you were able to make it so smooth. You're building wonderful memories for your children.

Right. Last weekend the kids had a few of their buddies over for a friendly game shinny hockey. Since there was an equal number of boys and girls they chose to form along gender lines and engage in their own little battle of the sexes.

What the boys didn't consider is that the girls are older (and bigger) and that I am their coach. Which means they have repeatedly heard my mantra, "The puck belongs to you. If the other team has it, take it from them!"

All three of the girls show a strong propensity for defensive play and aren't afraid to "mix it up" if necessary. About half way through the game I observed a mad scramble for the puck deep in the corner. During the melee, one of the girls lost her balance and went a little high with the stick.

This was the result.

The offending player offered several apologies and willingly served a two-minute time out. Luke was treated with a few kisses and a cup of hot chocolate. Afterward, he managed to finish the game, this time with a helmet.

Wonderful memories indeed.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

What a delightful story!

For some reason, it reminded me of when I bought a VW bug from someone whose daughter had decorated it with a decal that said "Girls kick ass." Her brother changed it to read "Girls Lick ass." The kids were about the same age as yours.

Superstar said...

That is so sweet! His first shiner from a GIRL!!!
LOL ;o)

You are a great dad...When on earth do you find time for parenting, band, waitstaff?!?!?! OMG!

OH I have started Guitar lessons...Too bad your band dude isn't here!
~does air guitar~

kim said...

awww very cute battle scar there!
home made ice rinks and kids playing ice hockey and ice skating *sigh* makes we glad im moving back to where there is snow and ice in the winter yayyyyyyyyyy!

The Poodle's Friend said...

How utterly cute! Well, he'll never omit helmets again, I suppose. And, having learned the value of protection, he will probably never forget his seatbelt either! :D

Attila The Mom said...


Kevin Charnas said...

It wouldn't be hockey without a shiner, would it?

Glad that the champ is okay.

Nikki said...


That hurts just looking at it.

He rocks though....he finished the game.