Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Lucky Day

Yesterday I was blessed with the good fortune of visiting with a uniformed public servant representing our local law enforcement agency. I was traveling across town for a mandatory meeting and was very near my destination when the officer was apparently alerted to an error in my motor vehicle operation and thus made an urgent attempt to notify me of my oversight. Her need to address me was so great that she employed a series of rhythmically flashing lights to in her attempt to gain my attention.

Once she had safely pulled me aside she approached my automobile and inquired about my schedule for the day and questioned my attention to detail. She administered a quiz on the local migratory customs and provided me with the information I was missing regarding the velocity with which one may legally travel on the adjacent thoroughfare.

In her assiduousness, she also alerted me to the fact that the thin plastic document indicating my permission to operate a motorized transportation device had exhausted its validity on the anniversary of my birth. I acknowledged that I was not aware that my certificate was out of compliance and informed her that the permission granting institution had not availed me of that fact via postal courier, as is the usual convention. She confirmed that the notification practice had ceased some time ago.

After reviewing her electronic records and establishing my status among the otherwise law abiding, she sent me on my way. And fortuitously, did not charge a fee for her services.


Nikki said...

You are a lucky man Sven. I just got ticketed a while back...62 in a 45.

Speaking of...I need to pay that thing.

..and I loved this post by the way..had me giggling.

Sophia said...

Highly entertaining and very well written post.

OneEar said...

You have described one of my recurring fantasies except that instead it involves two cops, Raquel Welch and Natalie Portman. Natalie is the perky rookie, and Raquel is the wise veteran who is showing her the ropes days before retirement. They are unclothed, well-oiled, and riding a panther. When they saunter up next to my couch, well, I've got to go now.

OneEar said...

Ok, I'm back. You should have asked her whether SHE was otherwise law-abiding.

Sven said...

Nikki: 62 in a 45? Even I'm not that bad.

Sophia: Thanks.

Oneear: Is this the young-Barbarella-Raquel Welch or the more seasoned Raquel of late? Personally, I'm more of an Ann-Margaret guy myself. Either way it sounds like a win-win.

I'm gonna say that she isn't or she would have made me pay. She pobably didn't wan't to seem hypocritical.

Attila The Mom said...

::snicker snicker:: Too funny!

Kevin Charnas said...

whew...that was your lucky day.

did you tell her that she had a nice rack, or something like that? or that you'd like to swing on her back porch?

Yeah...I bet either of those would've gone over real well.

Heather said...

Absolutely your lucky day, I hope you bought a lottery ticket! And thanks for such a great giggle for the rest of us.

Superstar said...

Ientity all starts out w/ a small oversight and thing you know, you are sittin' in a mexican jail singin' da blues w/ your band mates!
Dust Ihear the sound of a MAN flirting w/ a female cop? BALLS of steel my friend!

Sven said...

Kevin: Actually, she told me I had a nice rack. Funny thing is I don't even own a gun.

Heather: I didn't want to push my luck too far.

Superstar: Uhmmm...something tells me she would not have been amenable to my advances.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

That would never happen in California. Here, they would impound both car and driver, and the fines would exceed the value of the car.

Of course, it's a lot warmer here than in Minnesota. Maybe she just wanted to get back in her nice, warm cruiser and drink coffee.