Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Go, Go, Black and Gold!

This year I volunteered to coach my son's mite hockey team.
These are 12 of the cutest kids ever.

Front row: Luke S., Derek, Preston

Second row: James, Zach, Luke C., Liam, Sam

Third row: Me, Lewis, Wyatt, Logan, Brady, Mac

This is Emma's team. I ended up helping coach her team as well.

Front row: Brooke, Allison, Corbyn, Amber

Second row: Elizabeth, Milan, Emma, Megan, Abigail, Karlie

Third row: John, Tessa, Molly Taylor, Athena, Sean

The thing I particularly love about coaching kids at this level is their innocence and their eagerness. They haven't yet developed the egos that are found in high school athletes. My goal as a coach is to have fun. If we learn a little about hockey, so much the better. I plan to coach Emma's soccer team this summer as well.

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