Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic Observations

Like many Americans, I am an armchair Olympian. Here are a few of my thoughts.

* Bode Miller has gone from being the Bad Boy of American skiing to just plain bad. Drink up, Shriner!

* After watching the pairs ice dancing, or more accurately ice stumbling, my money is on Bruce Jenner and Tai Babalonia.

* How the hell did skeleton get its name?

* I have a hard time feeling bad for the American Women's hockey team. Their sense of entitlement is tiring.

* Ditto for Michelle Kwan.

* Ice dancing costumes are a good thing.

* How do you learn to become a freestyle aerial skier? Those guys are nuts.

* Is it just me or do the bodysuits worn by female speedskaters have a built in camel toe? Its the Winter Olympics version of men's gymnastics uniforms.

* Dick Button is a crabby, crabby man.


mabel said...

Bode needs a muzzle...but then what would ESPN have to talk about?

Otherwise...I agree X6. I am over the olympics already. I feel bad for the participants because this is their moment in the sun, and I couldn't care less if I tried. Hand me the remote.

The Boy said...

My wife asked me what a camel toe is. I told her it's similar to a wicked weasel. She still doesn't have a clue.