Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back to School

I have been taking a Wednesday night class at the local community college and I have to say it has been rather fun going back to school. The class is called Drugs of Use and Abuse. It is taught by a former ER nurse who is just about the flightiest person I have ever seen. One of my classmates referred to her as "that old lady from Grumpier Old Men". I believe she was referring to Sophia Loren. This teacher is pretty goofy and gets a kick out of talking about "the good old days". Recently, she told a story about being exposed to lead in the drinking water at a state hospital she used to work at. I think that explains a few things about her.

Sitting in a class full of 20 years I feel like the elder statesman. With the exception of one other woman I am clearly the oldest person there. Last week a one of my classmates was actually talking on her cell phone during class. Some of these kids are pretty cool and I've actually had a bit of fun. She told us that the evening class (which we are) is scoring 10 points higher on her test than the day class which blows me away because they are OPEN BOOK TESTS. How do you screw up and open book, multiple choice test? Next week is spring break, which, when you are 38 years old and married with two kids somehow looses its appeal. Rather than go somewhere exotic I think I'll just take a nap.

Anyway, it has been a lot of fun and I think everyone should go back to school (Or go for the first time) every once in while just for the experience.


gitsul said...

When you're our age, a fun spring break is just being able to hang out and not do anything...except go to work ;-p

The Boy said...

Here's one that'll scare you. I have a degree in chemical dependency and I've worked in a mental hospital for drug addicts.

I think that explains why my blog is so darn rational, sensible, and strait-laced.

My "secret word" is aizdnun. I think.