Sunday, March 12, 2006

We'll See About That

It's snowing tonight.

The weather people claim we will have 10" by noon tomorrow.

I doubt we'll get more than 2".


Rhonda said...

I am so totally jealous.

Winter seems to have skipped the Midwest this year.

gitsul said...

I agree about winter in the midwest and the accuracy of meteorologist predictions. But, looking at the radar and storm I don't think they could have screwed this up. Oh wait, I flipped through all the metro TV news programs before bed last night and KARE11 only predicted 1"-3". I guess they thought like you & won't matter is said the storm will probably go south or north. It looks like you'll get your 10". Gotta love March in MN. 50*F one day, and a blizzard the next.

gitsul said...

My school just came up closed for the day. Yeah!

gitsul said...

Even South St. Paul closed today. That *never* happens. I can remember SSP closing no more than 5 times in my entire lifetime, including today.
--Once in 8th grade for an ice storm and freezing rain coated the world in a 1/2" of a wonderfully clear glaze.

--Once in 9th grade, remember the 12" we got in the middle of May?

--Can't forget the 1991 Halloween blizzard.

--In 1994 when the temp got below 30*F and the Governor closed all schools. If SSP had the choice, they probably wouldn't have closed that day.

--And today.

I remember in 12th grade when every school in MN, *except* SSP closed because of a blizzard. I went to school that day, becuase school wasn't closed. I think there were an average of 2-3 students per class that day.

Truely must be the storm of the year if SSP is allowing students to stay home.

The Boy said...

I suspect all the snow is due to global warming.

gitsul said...

No, just a typical March in MN.

March in MN typically gets as much snow as do all the other months combined.

Sven said...

Actually, the last several years January has been the snowiest month of the year in MN. What global warming has done is shorten the snow season. We used to be able to count on snow from the first of Dec. thru late March with March receiving the most snow. Now we are lucky to have snow before Christmas and only occasionally do we get snowstorms in March.