Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Heard It Was True

I read an article in the paper today about a couple who put what they believed to be a germ infested pile of cash in the microwave to disinfect it only to see the whole wad go up in flames. The writer, believing this to be an urban legend, tried the experiment herself.

Which got me to thinking about some of the stupid shit I've tried, "because I heard it was true".

* As much as I wanted to be scared, no gruesomly murdered pre-teen girl appeared in my mirror-no matter how many times I chanted her bloody name.

* Somwhere in the garage I still have a can of coke with a nail in it.

* Despite his best efforts Harry Potter has not turned me into a satanist.

* I have yet to go blind.

So, what stupid rumors have you tested, just to see of it works?


Meg said...

Someone once told me it was impossible to lick your elbow. I defy you to not try it. Can't be done.

That Bloody Mary thing with the mirror? My friend's evil older brother told me about that when I was like seven years old. To this day I cannot go in the bathroom when the light's not on. Scared to death that someone's gonna claw my eyes out.

Ms SaraTee said...

Umm....when I was in grade school I stuck a hair pin into an electrical socket- Let me tell you- That was NO RUMOR- Electricity can be a very scary thing- Don't Try This At Home! or actually ever!(The voices inside my head told me to do it- Then magically they never spoke again- They must have been electrocuted)

mabel said...

I practically live at, if you aren't familiar - it is the urban legends website. I was sadly disappointed to learn that pretty much EVERYTHING I learned from my friends at recess is WRONG! I especially lived in fear of coke and poprocks. I was so afraid I might "accidentally" eat them both and blow up. I also worried about how long the pop rocks stayed in your stomach...could you drink a coke after an hour? two hours? After all, what a gruesome way to die!

Sven said...

I totally forgot about the Poprocks and Coke! That's a great one. is one of the best resources around although I REALLY offended my aunt once when I hit Reply-All and countered this crap she sent about Hillary Clinton, with a bit of accuracy I found at

Regardless of how you feel about Hillary, I hate the whole knee-jerk-email-forward thing.

a legend in my own mind said...

I was in the hospital after an appendentomy my junior year in college. My room-mates came to visit and noticed my multipack of wintergreen lifesavers on my table. Needless to say we ate them up trying to see if we could see sparks in the dark by chewing them really hard. Not my idea, and at least I could blame the narcotics.