Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Mighty Wind

With all the discussion over the rules regarding The Sporadic Gasbag Roundtable, Admiral Pooper Scooper assuming the position and my steady diet of broccoli and Hoppin' John the subject of Missouri Mud Ducks seems to have taken center stage as a conversation topic. Perhaps it was more than a coincidence that I found this article in the paper the other day.

Gas Normal, Author Says; Often Treatable
Detroit Free Press
Let 'er rip, America; flatulence is exploding. It's in new medical books for millions of people with the problem. It's the not-so-silent theme of a popular series of children's books called "Walter the Farting Dog." And it's the topic of a new Web site ( that encourages open discussion about gas and that is updated monthly with seasonal and sporting event twists.

I was heartened to learn that it is completely normal to fart 10-20 times per day. Once you've read the article you might have some fun with this. My favorite is the plant killer.


Attila The Mom said...

Oh My God.

A fart thesaurus!

You're the man!

Sven said...

I know isn't that awesome? Once your done with that you can check out Woody's World of Penis Euphimisms.

St Jude said...

Ooh er, this is not a saintly topic. So why can't I stop laughing. I read an article recently that said on average men pass wind almost twice as much as women every day. Hmm, I'm saying nowt!!!

Attila The Mom said...

Sven---oh---I'm just about speechless! I'm going to have to take some time perusing that one. I see they don't have my personal favorite "Sly and The Family Stones". ;-)

Jude--I think that article is wrong. I believe that I hold the title of Champion Spot Welder in this family. LOL

Meg said...

Man, you guys are really fond of gross topics, huh? This is really highly entertaining. Gotta love the internet.

Erin said...

Wow, guess that rabbit hole works both ways! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have to agree with Meg that yours is highly entertaining. I specially like the Why I Love My Wife essay.

Looking forward to knowing you better so that I can hear about your vasectomy experience. :)

The Boy said...

No, fart, comment, fart fart.

frankengirl said...

St Jude said: "I read an article recently that said on average men pass wind almost twice as much as women every day."

Well, I confess I haven’t given this subject matter nearly the amount of consideration or research it deserves, but I tend to side with the above-mentioned article on this gender controversy.

In my family, I do not "pass wind" (perhaps, a breeze). I’m far too “feminine” (as the Admiral might say) for anything beyond a light gust - ;)

Sophia said...

While we're on the subject...I was once in a relationship with someone who felt that farting in front of each other was more intimate than sex. Once we had reached the farting stage, we knew we could share anything.

Kim Ayres said...

My favourite fart joke is this one:

Sven said...

Kim: Thanks for the link, that is a good.